​Trenkwalder International AG, a leading personnel services provider in Central and Eastern Europa as well as in the Black Sea Region with over 300 branches in 19 countries, in corporation with cubido, develops a state of the art reporting and data analysis solution. The scope of the project spans

  • managing operational data,
  • data integration, consolidation and warehousing and
  • actual reporting and analysis tasks.

Microsoft SQL Server, a major host of Trenkwalder operational data, is also used as central data repository platform. Reports and analytic access is provided via a central, group wide, Microsoft SharePoint portal.

cubido is predominantly involved in developing, maintaining and extending the central data repository and providing extensive financial and operational reporting capabilities. Reports are hosted in a SharePoint-integrated SQL Server Reporting Services instance that has been enhanced by additional SharePoint add-ins provided by Trenkwalder local IT.

The SharePoint platform provides extensive reporting capabilities and high performance access to Trenkwalder’s wide range of business intelligence. We proudly emphasize the high availability and ease of use of the platform. End users, ranging from local department management to the company’s directors, use the reports developed by cubido as a major source of business insight. Especially transparent access, data quality and report response times unseen before are often stated as major enablers of the reporting system.