Systemische Sammlung, Analyse, Aufbereitung und Darstellung Ihrer Daten für optimale operative und strategische Entscheidungen.

Advanced Analytics
Mit Hilfe von Advanced Analytics Lösungen gelingt es, entscheidende Verbesserungen in...
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Predictive Analytics & Maintenance
Predictive Analytics ermöglicht es, mit Hilfe unternehmenseigener Daten zukünftige Trends...
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Selfservice BI, Adhoc Analysen
Die Anwender der einzelnen Fachabteilungen können jederzeit eigenständig und unabhängig...
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Machine Learning
Ein System lernt aufgrund eines aus Algorithmen aufgebauten Modells aus bereits erfolgten...
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Data Warehouse
Das Data Warehouse ist das Herzstück Ihres BI Projektes. Nicht nur alle internen...
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Data Science
Data Science bietet Ihnen die Chance - nicht auf den ersten Blick ersichtliches Wissen -...
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Umfassende Situationsanalyse, fundierte Beratung, professionelle Umsetzung individueller Softwarelösungen sowie kompetente Unterstützung.

Wir entwickeln für Sie individuelle Lösungen mit projektspezifischen Funktionen.
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Business Process Management
​​​​​​​Wir führen durch das Business Process Management eine kontinuierliche Verbesserung...
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SharePoint Entwicklung
Unsere SharePoint EntwicklerInnen, entwickeln und erstellen Konzepte und Lösungen für die...
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Internet of Things
Das Internet der Dinge (Internet of Things; IOT) beschreibt die zunehmende Vernetzung...
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Data Management Hands-on Lab

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22. Jänner 2017 | 09:00 - 14:00 Uhr

Microsoft Österreich GmbH
Am Europl. 3, 1120 

Microsoft Hands-on Labs allows participants to evaluate the latest technologies and experience firsthand how Microsoft helps solve the business and technical challenges they’re facing today. Through a facilitator guided learning experience, attendees can experience common, real world IT business and technical scenarios and see examples of how Microsoft can help deliver innovation to solve them.

What you’ll learn? 
Data is now a critical strategic asset, key to delivering insights that drive business growth. To accelerate your digital transformation, you need to develop secure and highly scalable data-driven applications that help you react in real time to market changes and customer demands.

Learn how you can leverage the latest features in SQL Server 2017 to support mission critical applications, increase security and ensure GDPR compliance, as well as running advanced analytics models with R and Python in SQL.

Also, learn how to work with your data on Microsoft Azure, our open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform that delivers advanced data management solutions. Experience the same enterprise capabilities from SQL Server 2017 in the Microsoft cloud.

Join us on a hands-on journey and experience the following scenarios:

Experience 1: SQL Server 2017 - Mission Critical and Hyperscale Performance – Built-in. Understand how to quickly and easily set up Always On Availability Groups to ensure your databases and customer-facing applications are always available, including running SQL Server on Linux.

Technologies covered: Always On, Temporal Table, In-Memory OLTP, Query store, Columnstore Index, Non-clustered Columnstore Indexing, SQL Server on Linux

Experience 2: SQL Server 2017 - Security and Advanced Analytics - Built In. Increase your productivity by being able to use skills and tools you already possess to manage, develop, maintain, and monitor your platform and applications

Technologies covered: Row-Level security, Dynamic Data Masking, Always Encrypted, Advanced Analytics, PolyBase, Graph Data, Microsoft Azure: Blob Storage, Big Data

Experience 3: Azure Data Services - Relational Workloads. Experience the same enterprise capabilities from SQL Server 2017 in the Azure cloud.

Technologies covered: SQL Server Management Studio, Azure: SQL Database, SQL Server, Elastic Pool, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Visual Studio 2015, Power BI, Polybase

Who should attend:

Data Architects, Database Administrators

We suggest that you forward this to your colleagues who would be working with you on managing the data platform in your company.

What to Bring: 

For this hands-on lab, please bring your own device to experience the lab environment. Please ensure that your device meets the following specifications to have the best experience with the hands-on lab.

Screen: Minimum desktop resolution of 1366 x 768

Operating System: Microsoft Windows: 7 or newer.Mac or Linux requires a 3rd party RDP client (See Where can I get an RDP client





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